Date Event
February 3-5 Men's Retreat
February 10-12 Women's Retreat
February 16 Stories at the Castle
February 24-26 Confirmation Retreat I
March 10-12 Confirmation Retreat II
March 16 Stories at the Castle
April 20 Stories at the Castle
May 18 Stories at the Castle
May 20-21 World War II Battle Re-enactment and Display
June 16-18 Grandcamp (summer camp begins)
June 25-30

Jr. Castle Camp

Climb High

Jr. Artist

July 5-8 Mini Camp
July 5-14

Jr. High 10-Day Adventure

Sr. High 10 Day Adventure

July 9-14

Jr. Adventure I

Jr. Music, Art, and Drama (MAD)

July 16-21

Night Owl

Sr. High Night Owl

July 17-21 Day Adventure
July 23-28

Jr. Eco-Explorers


Wilderness Adventure

Medieval Music, Art, & Drama (MAD)

July 28-30 Family Camp I
July 30-August 4

Jr. Discovery

Camper vs. Wild

Jr. High Adventure

Sr. High Adventure

August 4-5 Family Camp II
September 4 Race to the Castle 5K
October 7-8 Stronghold Olde English Faire