Stronghold appreciates donations of any size. Your gifts make a big impact on Stronghold programs. Here is a short list of items needed. If you have questions of suggestions about donations please call us at (815)732-6111 or email us.

Item Approximate Cost
Game Balls $8.00 each
Life Jackets $29.00 each
Colman Battery Camp Lanterns $30.00 each
Dry Bags for Canoe Trips $36.00 each
Challenge Course Helmets $66.00 each
New Initiatives Course Game $75.00
Water Filter for Outtrips $80.00
5 Dzn. Arrows for Archery Program $170
New Challenge Course element $275.00
Camper Scholarship $300 (avg.)
Recycled Plastic Porch Swings $500 each
Hammock City $1200.00
Sponsor Foreign Summer Staff Member $2,500.00
Automated External Defribrillator (AED) $2,500.00